Sunday, October 29, 2006

Life moves on for PGMA

President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo is on a five-day visit to China. During this trip, she encourages Chinese businessmen to invest in the country and honored National Hero Jose Rizal. Several local government unit officials joined this trip for various reasons such as looking for ethanol production investors, among others.

I wonder if the joint exploration of Spratlys Island will materialize and bear the fruit she desires. I'm hopeful though with the 7-11 stores for the masses.

The President faces a lot of pressure on various issues this week from reported missing persons in her term, women's protest, legitimacy, militants, among others. The Philippine National Police is on full alert during this China trip.

Nevertheless, the President's relationship with the business community is stronger than ever with the expressed support for the RP-Japan trade pact. This is in addition to the public support she is gradually regaining.

She is also pushing for the anti-terror meeting to be finalized soon and encourages allies to prepare for the May 2007 elections.

plug: ituloy angsulong!

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