Sunday, May 27, 2007

3 Reasons Why it Feels Great to be a Pinoy

Aileen Apolo tagged me for this meme, "What are the 3 signs you see happening now that make you say, “it feels great to be Pinoy”. Afterwards, I will tag ten (10) blogger friends to do the same.

Ok, why put it in this blog. First, I haven't been updating it for awhile as there's not much unique news that I can put in it that can't be found elsewhere. I don't just want to put negative stuff either. Second, despite all the President's shortcomings, she works very hard to promote the Philippines so I guess it deserves to be in this blog.

Here are my 3 reasons why it feels great to be a Pinoy:
  1. Our economy is on the recovery. It is amazing to see how the pesos is strengthening and I hope that time will come where ordinary Filipinos will get to really feel it. This situation has also posed the challenge for us to start selling stuff from a pesos perspective again rather than think in terms of dollars due to these currency changes. Many thanks to the overseas Filipino workers and diaspora who has greatly contributed to this.
  2. The Filipino is wisening up in politics. More and more Filipinos are no longer just voting for the mere sake of popularity, we are now beginning to look for substance, qualification, and capability to lead our country.
  3. Filipinos are survivors. Despite the tough times we go through, economically and politically, we manage to enjoy our lives and not throw our country into chaos. We learned to manage our pain by going through proper process rather than rely on spur of the moment reactions and trade one bad deal to another one (oftentimes worst).
With this, I'm tagging: Joan, Abby, Peachy, Leah, Gwen, Dennis, Manuel, Wilson, Jay, and Reggie.

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