Thursday, November 27, 2008

Will JDV be Gloria Macapagal Arroyo's Chavit Singson?

As history has shown us, Chavit Singson was instrumental to the downfall of former President Joseph Estrada. Will history repeat itself as Congressman Joe De Venecia (JDV) decided to burn bridges with long time ally President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo.

JDV already started and accused PGMA of bribery to block impeachment bids last year. Although such an incident has been widely speculated since the first impeachment attempt, it sounds more serious when it comes from a former staunch supporter. JDV claimed that he lost his House Speakership status upon his direct refusal of PGMA's request to endorse a weak impeachment complaint.

JDV is also seen as a vital witness having first-hand account on some of the major discussions about issues surrounding the PGMA. Even if this does not prosper via impeachment, it will not stop anyone from suing her after she steps down in 2010. Perhaps this is also the reason why means are being explored to extend her term, one way or another by allies.

In addition to the ZTE scandal, the Fertilizer Fund Scam is haunting PGMA as she got accused to as the brains behind it. The same goes as well to the plan tagged, "Oplan Bantay Laya", where 601 political dissidents were reported to be tortured while some are missing as of this time.

Whethere there'll be more congressmen switching sides to JDV remains to be seen. The clout and political influence of the PGMA administration has been one of the most powerful and untouchable to date.

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